Module: tf

TensorFlow 2.0 RC

中恒配资网Caution: This is a developer preview. You will likely find some bugs, performance issues, and more, and we encourage you to tell us about them. We value your feedback!

中恒配资网These docs were generated from the beta build of TensorFlow 2.0.

You can install the exact version that was used to generate these docs with:

pip install tensorflow==2.0.0-rc0


audio module: Public API for namespace.

autograph中恒配资网 module: Conversion of plain Python into TensorFlow graph code.

bitwise module: Operations for manipulating the binary representations of integers.

compat中恒配资网 module: Functions for Python 2 vs. 3 compatibility.

config module: Public API for tf.config namespace.

data module: API for input pipelines.

debugging中恒配资网 module: Public API for tf.debugging namespace.

distribute中恒配资网 module: Library for running a computation across multiple devices.

dtypes module: Public API for tf.dtypes namespace.

errors module: Exception types for TensorFlow errors.

estimator中恒配资网 module: Estimator: High level tools for working with models.

experimental module: Public API for tf.experimental namespace.

feature_column module: Public API for tf.feature_column namespace.

graph_util中恒配资网 module: Helpers to manipulate a tensor graph in python.

image中恒配资网 module: Image processing and decoding ops.

initializers中恒配资网 module: Keras initializer serialization / deserialization.

io module: Public API for namespace.

keras中恒配资网 module: Implementation of the Keras API meant to be a high-level API for TensorFlow.

linalg中恒配资网 module: Operations for linear algebra.

lite中恒配资网 module: Public API for tf.lite namespace.

lookup module: Public API for tf.lookup namespace.

losses module: Built-in loss functions.

math中恒配资网 module: Math Operations.

metrics中恒配资网 module: Built-in metrics.

nest module: Public API for tf.nest namespace.

nn module: Wrappers for primitive Neural Net (NN) Operations.

optimizers module: Built-in optimizer classes.

quantization module: Public API for tf.quantization namespace.

queue module: Public API for tf.queue namespace.

ragged中恒配资网 module: Ragged Tensors.

random module: Public API for tf.random namespace.

raw_ops module: Public API for tf.raw_ops namespace.

saved_model中恒配资网 module: Public API for tf.saved_model namespace.

sets中恒配资网 module: Tensorflow set operations.

signal中恒配资网 module: Signal processing operations.

sparse module: Sparse Tensor Representation.

strings module: Operations for working with string Tensors.

summary中恒配资网 module: Operations for writing summary data, for use in analysis and visualization.

sysconfig中恒配资网 module: System configuration library.

test中恒配资网 module: Testing.

tpu module: Ops related to Tensor Processing Units.

train中恒配资网 module: Support for training models.

version module: Public API for tf.version namespace.

xla module: Public API for tf.xla namespace.


class AggregationMethod: A class listing aggregation methods used to combine gradients.

class CriticalSection中恒配资网: Critical section.

class DType: Represents the type of the elements in a Tensor.

class DeviceSpec: Represents a (possibly partial) specification for a TensorFlow device.

class GradientTape: Record operations for automatic differentiation.

class Graph: A TensorFlow computation, represented as a dataflow graph.

class IndexedSlices: A sparse representation of a set of tensor slices at given indices.

class IndexedSlicesSpec: Type specification for a tf.IndexedSlices.

class Module中恒配资网: Base neural network module class.

class Operation: Represents a graph node that performs computation on tensors.

class OptionalSpec中恒配资网: Represents an optional potentially containing a structured value.

class RaggedTensor: Represents a ragged tensor.

class RaggedTensorSpec: Type specification for a tf.RaggedTensor.

class RegisterGradient中恒配资网: A decorator for registering the gradient function for an op type.

class SparseTensor: Represents a sparse tensor.

class SparseTensorSpec: Type specification for a tf.SparseTensor.

class Tensor: Represents one of the outputs of an Operation.

class TensorArray中恒配资网: Class wrapping dynamic-sized, per-time-step, write-once Tensor arrays.

class TensorArraySpec: Type specification for a tf.TensorArray.

class TensorShape: Represents the shape of a Tensor.

class TensorSpec: Describes a tf.Tensor.

class TypeSpec中恒配资网: Specifies a TensorFlow value type.

class UnconnectedGradients: Controls how gradient computation behaves when y does not depend on x.

class Variable中恒配资网: See the .

class VariableAggregation中恒配资网: Indicates how a distributed variable will be aggregated.

class VariableSynchronization: Indicates when a distributed variable will be synced.

class constant_initializer中恒配资网: Initializer that generates tensors with constant values.

class name_scope: A context manager for use when defining a Python op.

class ones_initializer中恒配资网: Initializer that generates tensors initialized to 1.

class random_normal_initializer: Initializer that generates tensors with a normal distribution.

class random_uniform_initializer: Initializer that generates tensors with a uniform distribution.

class zeros_initializer: Initializer that generates tensors initialized to 0.


Assert(...): Asserts that the given condition is true.

abs(...)中恒配资网: Computes the absolute value of a tensor.

acos(...)中恒配资网: Computes acos of x element-wise.

acosh(...): Computes inverse hyperbolic cosine of x element-wise.

add(...): Returns x + y element-wise.

add_n(...)中恒配资网: Adds all input tensors element-wise.

argmax(...)中恒配资网: Returns the index with the largest value across axes of a tensor.

argmin(...)中恒配资网: Returns the index with the smallest value across axes of a tensor.

argsort(...)中恒配资网: Returns the indices of a tensor that give its sorted order along an axis.

as_dtype(...): Converts the given type_value to a DType.

as_string(...): Converts each entry in the given tensor to strings.

asin(...): Computes the trignometric inverse sine of x element-wise.

asinh(...): Computes inverse hyperbolic sine of x element-wise.

assert_equal(...): Assert the condition x == y holds element-wise.

assert_greater(...): Assert the condition x > y holds element-wise.

assert_less(...): Assert the condition x < y holds element-wise.

assert_rank(...): Assert that x has rank equal to rank.

atan(...)中恒配资网: Computes the trignometric inverse tangent of x element-wise.

atan2(...): Computes arctangent of y/x element-wise, respecting signs of the arguments.

atanh(...): Computes inverse hyperbolic tangent of x element-wise.

batch_to_space(...)中恒配资网: BatchToSpace for N-D tensors of type T.

bitcast(...): Bitcasts a tensor from one type to another without copying data.

boolean_mask(...): Apply boolean mask to tensor.

broadcast_dynamic_shape(...)中恒配资网: Computes the shape of a broadcast given symbolic shapes.

broadcast_static_shape(...)中恒配资网: Computes the shape of a broadcast given known shapes.

broadcast_to(...)中恒配资网: Broadcast an array for a compatible shape.

case(...)中恒配资网: Create a case operation.

cast(...)中恒配资网: Casts a tensor to a new type.

clip_by_global_norm(...): Clips values of multiple tensors by the ratio of the sum of their norms.

clip_by_norm(...): Clips tensor values to a maximum L2-norm.

clip_by_value(...): Clips tensor values to a specified min and max.

complex(...): Converts two real numbers to a complex number.

concat(...)中恒配资网: Concatenates tensors along one dimension.

cond(...): Return true_fn() if the predicate pred is true else false_fn().

constant(...): Creates a constant tensor.

control_dependencies(...): Wrapper for Graph.control_dependencies() using the default graph.

convert_to_tensor(...): Converts the given value to a Tensor.

cos(...): Computes cos of x element-wise.

cosh(...)中恒配资网: Computes hyperbolic cosine of x element-wise.

cumsum(...): Compute the cumulative sum of the tensor x along axis.

custom_gradient(...): Decorator to define a function with a custom gradient.

device(...): Specifies the device for ops created/executed in this context.

divide(...): Computes Python style division of x by y.

dynamic_partition(...): Partitions data into num_partitions tensors using indices from partitions.

dynamic_stitch(...): Interleave the values from the data tensors into a single tensor.

edit_distance(...)中恒配资网: Computes the Levenshtein distance between sequences.

einsum(...): A generalized contraction between tensors of arbitrary dimension.

ensure_shape(...): Updates the shape of a tensor and checks at runtime that the shape holds.

equal(...): Returns the truth value of (x == y) element-wise.

executing_eagerly(...)中恒配资网: Returns True if the current thread has eager execution enabled.

exp(...)中恒配资网: Computes exponential of x element-wise. \(y = e^x\).

expand_dims(...): Inserts a dimension of 1 into a tensor's shape.

extract_volume_patches(...): Extract patches from input and put them in the "depth" output dimension. 3D extension of extract_image_patches.

eye(...): Construct an identity matrix, or a batch of matrices.

fill(...): Creates a tensor filled with a scalar value.

fingerprint(...): Generates fingerprint values.

floor(...): Returns element-wise largest integer not greater than x.

foldl(...): foldl on the list of tensors unpacked from elems中恒配资网 on dimension 0.

foldr(...): foldr on the list of tensors unpacked from elems on dimension 0.

function(...): Creates a callable TensorFlow graph from a Python function.

gather(...)中恒配资网: Gather slices from params axis axis according to indices.

gather_nd(...): Gather slices from params into a Tensor with shape specified by indices.

get_logger(...): Return TF logger instance.

get_static_value(...)中恒配资网: Returns the constant value of the given tensor, if efficiently calculable.

grad_pass_through(...): Creates a grad-pass-through op with the forward behavior provided in f.

gradients(...): Constructs symbolic derivatives of sum of ys w.r.t. x in xs.

greater(...)中恒配资网: Returns the truth value of (x > y) element-wise.

greater_equal(...)中恒配资网: Returns the truth value of (x >= y) element-wise.

group(...)中恒配资网: Create an op that groups multiple operations.

guarantee_const(...): Gives a guarantee to the TF runtime that the input tensor is a constant.

hessians(...): Constructs the Hessian of sum of ys with respect to x in xs.

histogram_fixed_width(...): Return histogram of values.

histogram_fixed_width_bins(...): Bins the given values for use in a histogram.

identity(...): Return a tensor with the same shape and contents as input.

identity_n(...): Returns a list of tensors with the same shapes and contents as the input

import_graph_def(...): Imports the graph from graph_def into the current default Graph中恒配资网. (deprecated arguments)

init_scope(...): A context manager that lifts ops out of control-flow scopes and function-building graphs.

is_tensor(...): Checks whether x is a tensor or "tensor-like".

less(...)中恒配资网: Returns the truth value of (x < y) element-wise.

less_equal(...): Returns the truth value of (x <= y) element-wise.

linspace(...)中恒配资网: Generates values in an interval.

load_library(...)中恒配资网: Loads a TensorFlow plugin.

load_op_library(...)中恒配资网: Loads a TensorFlow plugin, containing custom ops and kernels.

logical_and(...)中恒配资网: Returns the truth value of x AND y element-wise.

logical_not(...): Returns the truth value of NOT x element-wise.

logical_or(...): Returns the truth value of x OR y element-wise.

make_ndarray(...)中恒配资网: Create a numpy ndarray from a tensor.

make_tensor_proto(...)中恒配资网: Create a TensorProto.

map_fn(...): map on the list of tensors unpacked from elems on dimension 0.

matmul(...): Multiplies matrix a by matrix b, producing a * b.

matrix_square_root(...): Computes the matrix square root of one or more square matrices:

maximum(...): Returns the max of x and y (i.e. x > y ? x : y) element-wise.

meshgrid(...): Broadcasts parameters for evaluation on an N-D grid.

minimum(...): Returns the min of x and y (i.e. x < y ? x : y) element-wise.

multiply(...): Returns x * y element-wise.

negative(...)中恒配资网: Computes numerical negative value element-wise.

no_gradient(...): Specifies that ops of type op_type中恒配资网 is not differentiable.

no_op(...)中恒配资网: Does nothing. Only useful as a placeholder for control edges.

nondifferentiable_batch_function(...)中恒配资网: Batches the computation done by the decorated function.

norm(...)中恒配资网: Computes the norm of vectors, matrices, and tensors.

not_equal(...)中恒配资网: Returns the truth value of (x != y) element-wise.

numpy_function(...): Wraps a python function and uses it as a TensorFlow op.

one_hot(...): Returns a one-hot tensor.

ones(...): Creates a tensor with all elements set to 1.

ones_like(...)中恒配资网: Creates a tensor with all elements set to zero.

pad(...): Pads a tensor.

parallel_stack(...): Stacks a list of rank-R tensors into one rank-(R+1)中恒配资网 tensor in parallel.

pow(...): Computes the power of one value to another.

print(...): Print the specified inputs.

py_function(...): Wraps a python function into a TensorFlow op that executes it eagerly.

range(...): Creates a sequence of numbers.

rank(...): Returns the rank of a tensor.

realdiv(...)中恒配资网: Returns x / y element-wise for real types.

recompute_grad(...)中恒配资网: An eager-compatible version of recompute_grad.

reduce_all(...)中恒配资网: Computes the "logical and" of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

reduce_any(...): Computes the "logical or" of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

reduce_logsumexp(...)中恒配资网: Computes log(sum(exp(elements across dimensions of a tensor))).

reduce_max(...)中恒配资网: Computes the maximum of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

reduce_mean(...): Computes the mean of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

reduce_min(...): Computes the minimum of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

reduce_prod(...): Computes the product of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

reduce_sum(...)中恒配资网: Computes the sum of elements across dimensions of a tensor.

register_tensor_conversion_function(...): Registers a function for converting objects of base_type to Tensor.

required_space_to_batch_paddings(...)中恒配资网: Calculate padding required to make block_shape divide input_shape.

reshape(...)中恒配资网: Reshapes a tensor.

reverse(...): Reverses specific dimensions of a tensor.

reverse_sequence(...): Reverses variable length slices.

roll(...)中恒配资网: Rolls the elements of a tensor along an axis.

round(...): Rounds the values of a tensor to the nearest integer, element-wise.

saturate_cast(...): Performs a safe saturating cast of value to dtype.

scalar_mul(...): Multiplies a scalar times a Tensor or IndexedSlices object.

scan(...): scan on the list of tensors unpacked from elems on dimension 0.

scatter_nd(...): Scatter updates into a new tensor according to indices.

searchsorted(...)中恒配资网: Searches input tensor for values on the innermost dimension.

sequence_mask(...): Returns a mask tensor representing the first N positions of each cell.

shape(...): Returns the shape of a tensor.

shape_n(...): Returns shape of tensors.

sigmoid(...): Computes sigmoid of x中恒配资网 element-wise.

sign(...): Returns an element-wise indication of the sign of a number.

sin(...)中恒配资网: Computes sine of x element-wise.

sinh(...): Computes hyperbolic sine of x element-wise.


slice(...)中恒配资网: Extracts a slice from a tensor.

sort(...): Sorts a tensor.

space_to_batch(...): SpaceToBatch for N-D tensors of type T.

space_to_batch_nd(...)中恒配资网: SpaceToBatch for N-D tensors of type T.

split(...)中恒配资网: Splits a tensor into sub tensors.

sqrt(...)中恒配资网: Computes square root of x element-wise.

square(...): Computes square of x element-wise.

squeeze(...): Removes dimensions of size 1 from the shape of a tensor.

stack(...): Stacks a list of rank-R tensors into one rank-(R+1) tensor.

stop_gradient(...): Stops gradient computation.

strided_slice(...): Extracts a strided slice of a tensor (generalized python array indexing).

subtract(...)中恒配资网: Returns x - y element-wise.

switch_case(...): Create a switch/case operation, i.e. an integer-indexed conditional.

tan(...)中恒配资网: Computes tan of x element-wise.

tanh(...): Computes hyperbolic tangent of x中恒配资网 element-wise.

tensor_scatter_nd_add(...): Adds sparse updates to an existing tensor according to indices.

tensor_scatter_nd_sub(...): Subtracts sparse updates from an existing tensor according to indices.

tensor_scatter_nd_update(...): Scatter updates into an existing tensor according to indices.

tensordot(...): Tensor contraction of a and b along specified axes.

tile(...): Constructs a tensor by tiling a given tensor.

timestamp(...): Provides the time since epoch in seconds.

transpose(...): Transposes a.

truediv(...)中恒配资网: Divides x / y elementwise (using Python 3 division operator semantics).

truncatediv(...): Returns x / y element-wise for integer types.

truncatemod(...)中恒配资网: Returns element-wise remainder of division. This emulates C semantics in that

tuple(...)中恒配资网: Group tensors together.

unique(...)中恒配资网: Finds unique elements in a 1-D tensor.

unique_with_counts(...): Finds unique elements in a 1-D tensor.

unravel_index(...)中恒配资网: Converts a flat index or array of flat indices into a tuple of

unstack(...): Unpacks the given dimension of a rank-R tensor into rank-(R-1) tensors.

variable_creator_scope(...): Scope which defines a variable creation function to be used by variable().

vectorized_map(...): Parallel map on the list of tensors unpacked from elems中恒配资网 on dimension 0.

where(...): Return the elements, either from x or y, depending on the condition.

while_loop(...): Repeat body while the condition cond is true.

zeros(...): Creates a tensor with all elements set to zero.

zeros_like(...): Creates a tensor with all elements set to zero.

Other Members

  • bfloat16
  • bool
  • complex128
  • complex64
  • double
  • float16
  • float32
  • float64
  • half
  • int16
  • int32
  • int64
  • int8
  • newaxis = None
  • qint16
  • qint32
  • qint8
  • quint16
  • quint8
  • resource
  • string
  • uint16
  • uint32
  • uint64
  • uint8
  • variant

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